What do we offer?


-Edible Gardens-

Raised Beds

Traditional, in-ground


-Mushroom Logs-



Kick-start program

Full-season program



Onsite -or- Offsite


-Design drawings-





- Edible gardens -



Why choose raised beds? Where do we start? How about here...
  • Existing soil is poor or has been contaminated
  • Physical barriers (concrete slab, ledge, rooftop etc.)
  • Aesthetics
  • Ergonomics (can be built for wheelchair accessibility)
  • Versatility
  • Customizable
  • Reduce waste (easy to calculate compost and plant needs)
  • Easier weed control

Our Raised Bed Options:

brochure table.jpg



Not interested in raised beds? Are you more interested in a traditional veggie patch like the one your parents had while growing up? No problem! We can design and install your traditional, in-ground garden.


- Mushroom logs -

Ever wanted to be able to harvest your own mushrooms for dinner? A little weary about wild mushrooms or your identification skills?  Let us help! New this year, Maine Raised Gardens offers mushroom logs that produce beautifully delicate oyster mushrooms. All logs are harvested and inoculated by us!  Click the "MUSHROOM LOG CARE" button below to learn about the specifics on caring for your logs.



Want to maintain your own garden but want to make sure it is successfully established? Sounds like MRG Kick-Start Plan is designed just for you! We start your garden for you, take care of it for the first month to get it established, and then you take over from there. This plan includes:
  • All planting, thinning, weeding, and watering
  • All necessary frost & insect fabric protection
  • Weekly care (one month)


Want to have a beautiful edible garden that's productive all season long without all the work? MRG is happy to maintain your garden all season long with our Full-Season Care Plan. This plan includes:
  • All planting, thinning, weeding, trellising, and pruning
  • All necessary frost &insect fabric protection
  • Bi-weekly care (Beginning first week after planting - last week of September)



ONSITE - Interested in recycling all of the "waste" from your garden in your own yard? MRG can work with you to design a compost bin that suits your needs. You can compost yourself or if you've signed up for the Full-Season Care Plan then we can during our scheduled visit.

OFFSITE - Think composting is cool but don't want to do it at your own home? Not a problem, if you've signed up for the Full-Season Care Plan then during our scheduled garden visit, we will haul off all of your composting materials.



During the design phase, MRG creates several rough drawings of the project to be installed. If you would like for us to create a detailed drawing of the project please let us know. Also, we offer design drawings for customers who would like a detailed plan for a project they want to install themselves.